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The Essence of Existence of the Law

Rhodes & Meryhew Blogging, Law The Essence of Existence of the Law
The Essence of Existence of the Law

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The Essence of Existence of the Law

Posted By Brennan Mccoy

We are not expected to gain expertise in the law inside out. That is what schooled, professional legal practitioners are for.

Yet as dwellers of the land who make use of its resources in order to live, we may want to consider contributing to the land that nurses us by being less indifferent about the intricate and difficult arena of law.

Be more concerned about at least knowing what the law is for and the gist of how it works, i.e., know enough to be able to help in protecting it in the event that it may be threatened or challenged.

Essence of Law

Law and the Society

The laws are a binding force, major and essential at that, amongst the people, the society, and the entire humanity. They are composed, structured, written and implemented for governance of peace, quiet and unity. Their creation by men has a lengthy history that goes way back in the dawn of civilization.

They are binding and are present to regulate the members of the society and their actions. They are not limitless but are powerful and reliable enough to oversee within reason and jurisdiction the safety and well-being of a country as a whole. The laws are anchored in justice.

Therefore, they are constructed to modulate our actions, as human beings and as members of a State, and are modified accordingly should drastic changes and events happen to the society. Otherwise, the world would be anarchical, free of boundaries and limitations, and hence would not be a pleasant domicile to inhabit.

People would act according to their individual and personal principles and reasons. We would do harm to others should circumstances ask for it. We would be free, too free, to a fault.

The laws are at our disposal to generate and regulate healthy relationship with our village neighbor, and on a larger, global scale, between one country and the neighboring other. They are the reasons why people do not act as per their selfish interests and desires.

The laws entail the prevalence and recognition of human rights. They bring forth justice should these rights be trampled on. They command respect from one and the other. No one is above them.

Knowing the Law and What You Get out of It

Law and SocietyRegardless of which industry or business you are in, you are first and foremost a human being and a citizen of a country. Many forms of injustice are quietly and dangerously lurking around. Even in the most tranquil of places such as retirement and nursing homes, the elderly may find themselves in need of a hospital bedsores attorney.

You can better protect yourself and your loved ones if you know the law and your rights granted and protected by the law. You may be under a government who has obligations to keep each one of its constituents secure but you, as an individual, have rights and along with these rights, come to the responsibility of finding your security too. Else, it would be negligence on your part.

Ignorance of the law excuses no one, so they say. Knowing the law also veers you away from unintentionally breaking it in any case. Read. Be informed.

Being knowledgeable of the law helps you become a better citizen who is respectful of others and their rights. Therefore, you can be more and better contribution to the society. It means you can be entrusted to abide by and adhere to the rules of law.

Written by Brennan Mccoy

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