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Recommended Law Books

Rhodes & Meryhew Recommended Law Books

Recommended Law Books

Posted By Brennan Mccoy

Are you an aspiring lawyer? Your reading materials should consist not only of textbooks and casebooks. As a future law practitioner, it pays to be well-rounded—meaning you also read up on fiction and non-fiction materials to have a deeper understanding of the justice system and how it works, as well as the role of lawyers in the society.

Here are three of our recommended books that are thought-provoking and worth reading by would-be lawyers.

“1984” by George Orwell

This George Orwell classic tackles the dreadful effects for societies that go against truth and fairness. Relevant in the present time as the current debates on privacy and truth manipulation ensue.

The novel raises several mind-blowing questions for aspiring lawyers: what should lawyers do when they suspect that the government starts to stifle personal freedom? Can the rule of law keep the abuse of power in check?


“To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

Reading this Pulitzer-winning novel will make you think long and hard about the prosecutor and defense attorney Atticus Finch as well as the judge, specifically how he reacted to the racism of the system. When injustice prevails, how should a lawyer react?

“Billy Budd” by Herman Melville

This novel shows the relationship between justice and law through the story of a sailor who injured his shipmate after he was falsely accused of conspiracy to mutiny. Despite his innocence, he still has to face a court-martial and the consequences of his actions. This touches on the sensitive topic of the tension between law and justice.