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3 Main Tips for Finding the Best DUI Attorney for Criminal Law

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3 Main Tips for Finding the Best DUI Attorney for Criminal Law

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3 Main Tips for Finding the Best DUI Attorney for Criminal Law

Posted By Brennan Mccoy

Driving when intoxicated casesWe all make mistakes every now and then, but some of these can drastically change the course of our lives when we don’t handle them appropriately at the right time. One grave mistake that most people are prone to making within their lifetime is driving under the influence (DUI), also known as driving when intoxicated (DWI) in some states.

In many states today, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is categorized as a criminal offense and some of the consequences you risk include license suspensions, huge fines, record black mark, and even conviction. When convicted, you could earn a minimum jail sentence which will interrupt your life financially, socially and even emotionally. A DUI attorney is a special criminal offense lawyer who has expert skills in handling a DUI offense and can help you win your court trial. Here are 3 steps to hiring the best DUI attorney.

1. Enlist Potential DUI Attorneys to Hire

The first step to getting the right DUI attorney is to make a list of potential attorneys from online websites, yellow pages or from a reference by family and friends. Personal recommendation and referrals from other attorneys are the best ways to get potential DUI attorneys, although you can also evaluate the profiles of DUI attorneys who advertise themselves online.

Graphic warning for DUISome of the qualifications you should look for in potential DUI attorneys to employ include the knowledge, skills, and experience in handling driving under influence cases by the lawyer, their moral and professional conduct, the satisfaction received by some of their clients and also their relationship with the office of the attorney that’s prosecuting.

2. Do Your Homework on the DUI Attorney

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential attorneys, it’s important that you do a comprehensive research on them. Find out if the attorney is licensed from your state bar’s website, see the feedback from their clients from popular forums online, get information from the Better Bureau of Standards for the attorneys listed there and from individual websites of the attorneys. This information will help narrow your list so that you only book appointments with the top DUI lawyers in your list.

3. Make an Appointment with Individual DUI Attorneys

Many people will have a list of potential DUI attorneys to call up in the case of trouble, but they don’t care about making an appointment with the attorneys’ office before they get into trouble. Most DUI attorneys will offer you free consultation whether you already have a case, or you are just looking out for yourself. Find out the tools that the DUI attorney uses to handle DUI cases, how many cases they have handled and won, and what their most challenging cases have been like. Also, find out the prices that the attorney will charge and their payment mode as this is equally important.

Drinking under influence checkpointsMost people will ask, “Do I really need a DUI lawyer to handle my DUI case?” The answer is yes. Unless you want to end up in jail or wasting a lot of money, a driving when an intoxicated attorney with their expertise in handling court systems and administration procedures can prevent you from a lot of headaches.

Written by Brennan Mccoy

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