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Posted By Brennan Mccoy

The law and justice system is a very complicated subject matter to understand, which is why there are lawyers and legal experts who assist regular folks when it comes to knowing their rights, the legal processes that apply to their situation, and what they can do so that they get justice.

Rhodes & Meryhew is a legal advice blog that aims to help the public be informed about any legal matter that concerns them. A team of lawyers and law professors write for this blog.

This blog covers a variety of topics, including hiring a DUI defense, bankruptcy, or car wreck lawyer, the essence of the law, and child custody laws. Eventually, we hope to be able to touch on more topics, as we are going to invite more experienced legal professionals and law professors to contribute opinion articles on our blog.

Law students are also welcome to explore this blog, as we post from time to time content such as our recommended readings to enrich the knowledge and analytic skills of our future lawyers and judges.

For any feedback, questions, and suggestions, feel free to contact us. Please email Teresa Dellinger (info@rhodesmeryhew.com), and we will get back to you as needed.